Our Story

How it all started & why we do what we do...

The Beginning



   The concept for NuWaves Clothing all started on a seemingly uneventful night watching TV. Our founding member, Blake, was doing some channel surfing and landed on a documentary that would spark the whole idea.


   This particular documentary was about a captain who was sailing out into the Pacific to witness a giant island of plastic that had formed. This “plastic island” is now better known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

The documentary showcased the massive amount of plastic that is floating around our oceans and how that plastic is contaminating our entire marine ecosystem. The video ended with a brief discussion of what our oceans might look like in the future and what we can do to solve this problem.


As soon as the documentary came to a close, Blake had already come up with his own solution to try and help with the ocean plastic problem. Why not recycle this ocean plastic and re-purpose it into new products?


Even better, re-purpose it into a product that people will use repeatedly so it doesn’t end up right back in our oceans. After tossing the idea around for a bit, it was decided that apparel and accessories would be the perfect fit for bringing this mission to life.


With these simple concepts, and a whole lot of research, NuWaves Clothing was born.


As a new company, we are truly grateful for the warm reception from the people of San Diego. Starting on the boardwalk of Mission Beach, we hope to continue to grow and become a household name.


The end of 2019 brought new partnerships for the company. NuWaves Clothing now has a strong team that will help drive the company into the future. We plan to continue to bring consumers quality apparel pieces that help create a brighter, more sustainable future.

What our customers say...

"So glad to see companies trying

 to help in the fight against plastic.

 Great products with a great cause"

               Sara-California, USA

"I love the ocean and I love

 my NuWaves bracelet!"

             Eddie-Colorado, USA

"Love the bracelet styles and that

 they come from the ocean. Got 

 one for me and my mum."

             Anthony-Sheffield, England

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