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All of NuWaves Clothing products are made from ocean plastic, helping the environment one purchase at a time.


NuWaves apparel is truly in a class of its own. There is something awe-inspiring about being able to turn abandoned fishing nets into quality clothing. Of course, we are all about saving the turtles and our oceans, but the one thing that is hard to put into words is just how amazing this fabric is.


Our clothing has all the favorable qualities of an athletic shirt, with the comfort, look, and feel of a luxury garment. Moisture-wicking breathability is good though, because our shirts are so soft you’re never gonna want to take it off. We give you the designer feel, in clothing that can be worn anywhere. We know…its hard to believe, so grab one today and see what all the hype is about.


Give us a chance to show you just how amazing sustainable clothing can be. We are confident once you try on a NuWaves Tee, you’ll be hooked. Look good, feel good, do good.

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Imagine if an athletic, dry-fit fabric had a baby with a plush, designer Italian fabric.

Purchasing any NuWaves Clothing product helps clean up our oceans and support future sustainability efforts.


With our products being made from recycled ocean plastics, we are inherently helping build more infrastructure for the collection of these ocean plastics. NuWaves is helping create value around ocean plastic that will incentivize more cleanup.


Our unique products also allow for everyone to get involved in cleaning up our oceans and coastlines. At NuWaves Clothing, we are also proud to contribute to The Ocean Cleanup. As an independent contributor we can help make a difference.

Supporting The Ocean Cleanup Project

and Healthy Seas Project

10% of every purchase goes towards funding ocean cleanups around the globe

Ocean Plastic Bracelets

How they're made


NuWaves Clothing’s first product was our Recycled Ocean Plastic Bracelets. They are proudly made from plastic that has been collected from our oceans and coastlines. We are partnered with a few different companies around the world that source Ocean Plastic by creating local infrastructure to help collect this plastic from our oceans and coastlines. NuWaves works with the Plastic Bank in Haiti and Envision in Indonesia.

After collection of ocean plastic, the waste is melted down into plastic pellets and shipped to us here in the US. We then melt, mold, and color the plastic into the beads that make up our bracelets. Each bracelet is then fitted with a unique charm bead and our logo bead. All our bracelets are hand-made here in sunny San Diego.

Ghost Net Apparel

Sourcing the highest quality sustainable fabrics

NuWaves is proudly partnered with Aquafil SPA to bring you our unique apparel line. All our apparel features ECONYL regenerated nylon, which is crafted from abandoned fishing nets and a few other waste materials. Aquafil SPA works with an organization called Healthy Seas, that recovers ghost fishing nets from our seas.

These ghost nets are sent to Aquafil’s regeneration plant in Europe and are used to make the nylony are called ECONYL. ECONYL regenerated nylon is unique in that it has the potential to be reused infinitely, without creating new waste. It has the same feel as a fabric made from virgin nylon.


NuWaves receives this premium fabric from Aquafil SPA, which we then design into our apparel pieces. We work with a local cut and sew manufacturer that brings each apparel piece to life.