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Better apparel,

for a better world...

The NuWaves Mission


We are determined to help create a more sustainable future and leave the world better than how we found it. At NuWaves, we hope to not only drive awareness, but create lasting change that will help future generations. That is why not only are our products made from ocean plastics, but we help contribute to the cleanup efforts.

We are all about getting plastic out of the ocean and keeping it out.



Our oceans are an essential part of our ecosystem, and we want to do our part to help protect them.



Building a closed loop recycle process is the perfect way to curb additional waste, while cleaning up our oceans and beaches.



The waste in our oceans isn't going anywhere, and being proactive is the only way we will be able to find a solution.



New products, without new waste, is a huge step in developing a more eco-friendly, sustainable world.

Trust the Process

Ghost Net Apparel

Sourcing the highest quality sustainable fabrics

NuWaves is proudly partnered with Aquafil SPA to bring you our unique apparel line. All our apparel features ECONYL regenerated nylon, which is crafted from abandoned fishing nets and a few other waste materials. Aquafil SPA works with an organization called Healthy Seas, that recovers ghost fishing nets from our seas.

These ghost nets are sent to Aquafil’s regeneration plant in Europe and are used to make the nylony are called ECONYL. ECONYL regenerated nylon is unique in that it has the potential to be reused infinitely, without creating new waste. It has the same feel as a fabric made from virgin nylon.


NuWaves receives this premium fabric from Aquafil SPA, which we then design into our apparel pieces. We work with a local cut and sew manufacturer that brings each apparel piece to life.

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Supporting The Ocean Cleanup Project and Healthy Seas Project

10% of every purchase goes towards funding ocean cleanups around the globe

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