Our Mission

Creating a Sustainable Future & Doing Good for the World

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We are all about thinking BIG. We are set out to make a real difference and have a positive impact on the world.

The NuWaves Philosophy


We believe strongly in creating a sustainable future and doing good for the world.


The ocean plastic crisis is going to continue to get worse, unless people stand up and actively work towards a solution. That is why not only are our products made from ocean plastics, but we help contribute to the cleanup efforts.


We are all about getting plastic out of the ocean and keeping it out. By building a closed-loop supply chain we can become a shining beacon of sustainability in a world that seems to lack interest in protecting our planet. NuWaves is here to bring global awareness to the plastic problem that is plaguing our oceans and provide a way for everyone to get involved in the cleanup. Together, we can give value to recycled plastics and change the way the world looks at recycling.



Our oceans are an essential part of our ecosystem, and we want to do our part to help protect them.



The waste in our oceans isn't going anywhere, and being proactive is the only way we will be able to find a solution.



Building a closed loop recycle process is the perfect way to curb additional waste, while cleaning up our oceans and beaches.



New products, without new waste, is a huge step in developing a more eco-friendly, sustainable world.

NuWaves is dedicated to recycling ocean plastics and filaments and creating quality fashion pieces. We want to do our part to change the world through fashion.

What our customers say...

"So glad to see companies trying

 to help in the fight against plastic.

 Great products with a great cause"

               Sara-California, USA

"I love the ocean and I can't get enough of these shorts!"

             Eddie-Colorado, USA

"Love the short styles and that

 they come from the ocean. I wear mine almost everyday."

             Conner-Auckland, NZ

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